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Phasmarhabditis Hermaphrodita - Slug Nematodes **BEST SELLER** - Mite Munchers

Phasmarhabditis Hermaphrodita - Slug Nematodes **BEST SELLER**

Mite Munchers

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Type: Microscopic nematodes.

How it works: Nematodes seek slugs & water snails, they enter the body & start to develop from infective juveniles to adults. In doing so, a pellet of bacteria is released that begins to multiply spreading throughout the host body. Infected slugs are noticeable by the swollen mantle on their back, this ruptures a few days later releasing thousands of nematodes that seek to infect further hosts.

Species controlled: Most slug species including Arion and Deroceras spp & some snail species including those which are commonly found on nurseries & in gardens.

When to use: Almost any time of the year when soil temperatures are between 5 & 30°C. Soil moisture should not be a problem in commercial horticulture, unless the area dries up completely.

Rates of use: Apply as a drench using conventional equipment, i.e sprayer, dilutor, watering can or through most irrigation equipment. In all cases, remove any fine filters & ensure water temperature is between 5 & 15°C.

Single application (6 weeks protection): 300,000 per m2. 30 million treats 200 m2, 2 or 3 applications are recommended.

This product is currently available as 30 million pack size, between March & September.

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