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Organic Magic Mist Spray

Mite Munchers

  • £8.99

Our specially formulated organic Magic Mist gives you the power to protect all your plants without the need for chemicals. 

Magic Mist will repel & control most common bugs & fungus found around the garden or grow room including Whiteflies, Spider Mites, Greenflies, Slugs, Snails, Ants, Beetles & most other common garden or household pests, controlling most by asphyxiation when direct spraying is carried out.  

The special formula also treats a wide range of fungus found on your garden or house plants as well!

You can also use Magic Mist as a preventative measure. Spray hot spots weekly for best results. For instances when the pests & fungus are already visible, wipe away the existing that are visible & treat the plant with Magic Mist immediately afterwards and three times weekly thereafter. Avoid spraying plants when lights are on to avoid any damage & stress to leaves. 

Species controlled : Spider Mites, Thrips, Green Fly, Broad Mite, Russett Mite, Whitefly, Ants, Beetles, Slugs & Snails and most other small insects (safe for use around bees but avoid spraying them directly).

When to use : This treatment is good to use from clome stages up to week 4 of flower when being applied to smokable plants. Other fruits & vegetables can be sprayed to the end of their growing cycle.

***Please note if only ordering one individual bottle then select the Garlic/Magic Mist Individual Bottle Delivery at £4.50 option.***

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