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Organic Diatomaceous Earth - Large 10kg - Mite Munchers

Organic Diatomaceous Earth - Large 10kg

Mite Munchers

  • £40.00

Over the years there has been a lot of scepticism over Diatomaceous Earth. We can safely say that it is one of our favourite all round products, time after time we have had outstanding results & feed back from our customers using this product in numerous different bug attacking situations. It also aids plant health throughout the life cycle.


Not only is it an outstanding method of taking care of little pests in your garden but it can also get rid of fleas, ticks, chicken mites & other household pests like bed bugs, dust mites & more.

We also stock organic human grade Diatomaceous Earth for a number of health benefits & organic animal grade Diatomaceous Earth for any of our pet/livestock lovers.

(Always be very careful who you purchase Diatomaceous Earth from. There have been past reports of people buying all sorts of toxic powders thinking it was Diatomaceous Earth, we strive to deliver you the FINEST organic Diatomaceous Earth known to the human race with regular quality testing behind the scenes!) 

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