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Heterorhabditis sp - Entomopathenogenic nematodes in vermiculite 250,000,000 in sealed trays

Mite Munchers

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Type: Insect parasitic nematodes.

How it works: The spray application releases nematodes which seek out insect larvae/grubs in the soil entering them through natural openings. Once inside, they release their symbiotic bacteria killing the grub. Nematodes multiply in the dead organism releasing a new generation.

Species controlled: The Phyllopertha Horticola present in turf. Other species of Chafer such as the Cockchafer Melolontha may not be adequately controlled owing to differences in life cycle.

When to use: In accordance with the Garden Chafer life cycle - when the larvae are close to the soil surface & when the soil surface is above 12°C. Typically treat from August to September. Later applications & the larvae may be too deep to be targeted & soil temperatures too low. Apply to wet ground (irrigate if required & afterwards). Nematodes must pass through the thatch layer & into the soil & need to be kept moist for 2 - 3 weeks. Nematodes are sensitive to sunlight so apply late in the day. Damage prevention will be noted the following spring when most damage is usually seen.

Rates of use: 50 million pack treats 100 m2, 250 million pack treats 500 m2.

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