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Feltiella Acarisuga - 250

Mite Munchers

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Feltiella Acarisuga is a predatory gall midge which will feed on various species of Spider Mites. It is especially common when Spider Mites occur in colonies. It requires a high Spider Mite density & high humidities to become established.

Adult gall-midges actively search for Spider Mite colonies & deposit eggs next to the Spider Mites. The larvae that hatch feed on Spider Mite eggs & suck them empty. It takes one week for the eggs to develop into mature larvae. The pupal stage takes approximately one week. Spider Mites that are killed by the gall-midge shrivel up & become brown or black. Dozens of larvae can be found per Spider Mite infested leaf. White cocoons can be visible along the veins of the leaf.

Feltiella Acarisuga can be used to manage Spider Mite populations in a variety of greenhouse & field crops. Each midge larva can consume an average of least 15 adult mites, 30 mixed developmental stages, or 80 eggs per day. Feltiella Acarisuga has been extremely effective for controlling Spider Mites on tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers. Feltiella Acarisuga is also used to manage Spider Mites on strawberries & various ornamental crops.

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