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Encarsia Formosa - Whitefly parasites (pupae) 60 per hanging card x 250 cards - 15,000

Mite Munchers

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Type: Biological control agent contains the hymenopterous parasitic wasp.

How it works: Easy to detect in crops because the parasitized scales are black. Parasite pupae are fixed within a “well” on a card with the thickness of the card protecting them from physical damage in transit. This ensures top quality pupae from which the maximum number of parasites will emerge into the crop.

Species Controlled: Greenhouse Whitefly.

When To Use: Prefers relatively cool conditions. Optimum temperature range is 20-25°C / 68-77°F. Egg stage to emergence of wasps is 25 days at 21°C / 70°F. When an appropriate host larva (third & fourth instar) is found, female wasps insert an egg into it. When the Encarsia egg hatches, the larva consumes the whitefly from within.